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    Teeth Whitening Products that Give Results


Teeth Whitening Products that Give Results

Teeth Whitening Products that Give Results :

Who doesn't want to bathe in the fountain of youth? All over the world people resort to all sorts of things to get rid of wrinkles, stay young and look fabulous. They are not shy of using anti-aging supplements and creams, taking botox injections to wind back time. While people will do anything to appear younger, they often tend to overlook the fact that good, white teeth can be equally effective in shaving off years. A plethora of teeth whitening products have made it to the shelves of supermarkets- so much so that you're in a quandary as to which ones work and which don't.

Top cosmetic dentists, while citing their favorites, have voiced their individual opinions about teeth whitening products

Chevy Chase, MD, cosmetic dentist Claudia Cotca, DDS, advocates the use of ACT Mint without alcohol- a product that's good for long-term use. Cotca claims that the product strengthens tooth structure and ensures tissue health while effectively dealing with stains. Espousing the use of Fresh mint and cherries for sparkling smiles, she admits that her favorites were whitening toothpaste from Aquafresh and Tom's of Maine.

Although Sivan Finkel, DMD, cosmetic dentist in New York votes for Colgate Total Whitening toothpaste and Crest HD, he claims that they work well only in conjunction with his professionally made bleach trays and gels. He justifies this by stating that whitening toothpastes merely remove surface stains but don't change the color of the tooth. Finkel cautious patients with veneers to refrain from using whitening toothpastes as they could scratch the porcelain and dullen the veneers.

New York cosmetic dentist Marc Lowenberg, DDS makes out a case for "The Luster Now! Instant Whitening Toothpaste and maintains it to be a good option for those who are in a hurry to make their teeth whiter and brighter. The toothpaste creates an optical illusion of whiter teeth by removing surface stains and simultaneously depositing blue microparticles onto them. Lowenberg also considers The Crest 3D White Luxe Supreme FlexFit White Strips a great option for those who want 'white teeth on a budget'. The strips work by allowing the bleach within to whiten the tooth enamel. He feels that a combination of strips and a daily whitening toothpaste will ensure that the teeth remain pearly white.

Chicago cosmetic dentist Jessica T. Emery, DMD hails Hello Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste, which removes plaque, whitens teeth and freshens breath in a natural way.

Middleton, Wisconsin dentist Chris Kammer, DDS attributes teeth discoloration and calcification of plaque to external stains. Kramer states that prevention of plaque with xylitol products- like the ones from Spry- will help keep teeth gleaming and white.

Austin, Texas cosmetic dentist Elizabeth L. Lowery, DDS doesn't appear to be enamored with over-the-counter products for whitening. Left to herself, she notes that she would choose Crest White Strips because they were affordable, convenient to use and appeared to produce good results.

New York cosmetic dentist Nargiz Schmidt concurs with Lowery- she believed that Crest White Strips produced 'whitening' that was impressive and long-lasting.

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