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A Top Dermatologist Gets Candid about What You Can Really Expect From CoolSculpting :

Procedures for destroying body fat that are really effective are very few and scarce. However, the results of following a strict diet and exercise do not give good results for several people who undertake them hence such treatments are surely a lot in demand.

One such process for fat reduction is CoolSculpting. A lot of discussions are going on about it in the market.

This process is found to be successful. In the process the fat cells are frozen using cold temperatures. This way they are eliminated. This makes this process a favorite not only among the celebrities but also the general consumers.

This is a really popular program and is liked by many. Now many people know about CoolSculpting a lo

They are not oblivious to the remarkable results this process offers. When it is popular and shows some positive results for those who have tried it many more people who have a lot of body fat would like to go in for it. However, it would be prudent to do ample research about it before you decide to adopt if for you. Hence a number of dermatologists who are renowned and are adept in their knowledge were tapped to know the vital facts about CoolSculpting which are four in number. This way one can know more about it before really trying it.

What was found due to such a search for knowing the details is as follows

1. CoolSculpting is not a fat loss procedure.

This process will work for anyone who wished to have a better contour and shape for their body, and also do not want to waste any time for elaborate procedures and also for recovery. This is the opinion of a dermatologist Eugene Nowak, DO from San Diego. He further says that if anyone who is looking for additional dramatic results then they will need to look beyond CoolSculpting. This is because CoolSculpting is not a replacement procedure for liposuction. This process will simply diminish fat cells in the targeted area.

2. The procedure can produce great results, but it does not control your future.

Once the procedure is complete there are chances that you can gain weight. Then this will contradict your results. This is what Dr. Nowak has to say about this procedure. He further adds that you can achieve better results with following some regimen like going in for more exercising and eating healthy food and to some extent following strict diet.

3. Chances for post treatment bruising do exist

This process is not invasive. Hence there can be no downtime. However, there is a chance that the patients may experience tenderness to the touch. Also there may be swelling and bruising which will last for up to three to seven days. This is the opinion of Dr. Nowak.

4. There may be a need for more than one treatment

Dr. Nowak says that a single session may benefit many people but several people may need more than one sessions. With such additional treatments the final results can be improved and amazing. CoolSculpting is not restricted to doing only one time. So many people undergo this treatment multiple times to get the maximum results. Also combining this with skin-tightening treatment will augment the skin appearance too.

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