Are Chiropractors Doctors?

It is not required that you have a medical degree in order to be a Chiropractor. All Chiropractors are required to do extensive training and are licensed by the state in which they provide services. In order to get licensed in the chiropractic field you should expect to have a lot of science classes. Chiropractors begin their education by getting an undergraduate degree with a focus in the sciences. They do have extensive training in chiropractic care and are licensed practitioners. After graduation, they move on to a four-year chiropractic program with both classes and hands-on experience. Chiropractors are required to obtain a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from a Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) accredited college in all states in the US.

There are over 100 different chiropractic methods and some chiropractors choose to specialize in a certain area. In order to do so, they do an additional residency that lasts between two and three years. No one method is necessarily better than another. Some chiropractors choose to specialize in several different areas, which they may describe as using “diversified” or “integrated” techniques. Regardless of specialty, all chiropractors must get a license to practice by taking an exam. They are also required to keep current in the field by taking continuing education classes.

Chiropractors are excellent for solving problems such as pain in the back or cramped or stiff neck. Most chiropractor use their hands to solve these pains which are cause often by misalignments in the spine. Some of the best chiropractors near me who utilize technology like the monalisa system to get extremely accurate data points on the spine that can be aligned.

There are over 70,000 licensed chiropractors working in the United States today. These practitioners treat various issues and conditions involving the:

  • muscles
  • tendons
  • ligaments
  • bones
  • cartilage
  • nervous system


During treatment, your provider perform manipulations with their hands or small instruments. The manipulations to the different parts of the body help with a range of discomforts, including:

  • neck pain
  • back pain
  • pelvic pain
  • arm and shoulder pain
  • leg and hip pain

Chiropractors can treat also conditions ranging from constipation to infant colic to acid reflux.

Pregnant women may even seek chiropractic care as they near their delivery time. Chiropractors who use the Webster technique can help to realign the pelvis, which may help baby get into a good position (head down) for vaginal delivery.

Should you use alternative medicine?

The popularity of alternative medicine is on the increase with each passing day. One may ask what exactly is alternative medicine. It has a different meaning to different individual. Any methods of health care and products that are not considered conventional medicine. For example you choose to use alternative medicine as a healing option instead of visiting a traditional doctor. Alternative medicine is usually used for treating allergies, skin cancer, colds and even cancer.

In alternative medicine you treat the patient as the whole person. It is considered less harmful for the body and more economical over a long period. In a lot of cases these alternative treatments have very positive results. The general public have nowadays increased information on alternative medicine made available to them. There are an increased number of doctors applying alternative medicine in their practices.

For those who oppose to alternative medicine they think it a waste of time. They argue that it has not been demonstrated as effective. Another objection of theirs is that because of the lack of scientific research alternative medicine is therefore harmful and unproven.

However, consumers and professionals worldwide are embracing alternative medicine with each passing day. There is a huge market for this treatment and is growing rapidly. At unconventional schools and naturopathic medical schools alternative medicine is taught as part of their curriculum.

In my opinion alternative medicine has never been a waste of money and time. Unless it costs you a lot of money and you are feeling worse. For minor health issues alternative medicine is not harmful. In some situations it is best to use alternative medicine to compliment other treatment methods.

Today alternative medicine is accepted as less invasive, less harmful, cheaper and better over long term than conventional medicine. There are more research data available to the general public. There is growing interest in alternative medicine by more and more medical and health professionals

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