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Being Vigilant About The Rare Complication Arising Out Of Liposuction :

Medical science keeps on discovering new methodologies to improve the life of humans. The Liposuction is one such technology that has been developed to change the shape of the body. Basically, liposuction is a cosmetic surgery which men and women across the world, undertake to slim down or reshape specific areas of the body. The procedure involves eliminating excess fat deposit from the designated areas and improving the body figure and measure. The treatment caters to reshaping the thighs, hips and buttocks, inner knee, chest area, back, upper arms, cheeks, chin, neck and much more. The methodology is carried out under general or local anesthesia. The treatment can be done independently as well with plastic surgery procedures like breast reduction, abdominoplasty or a simple facelift.

While undergoing the surgery there are few complications that can arise. The UK medical bulletin reported, that women aged 45 years underwent liposuction surgery and suffered serious complication in the form of respiratory failure after the cosmetic surgery was undertaken. The BBC reported that fat droplets made an entry into the lungs of the women after the procedures, which lead to the failure. Although the patient recovered, the BMJ published a report to create more awareness about such rare threats that might occur in people who had severe medical conditions from before. In the case of the women, she already had a gastric bypass and was obese as well.

The issue is common, just as Huntington, CA, plastic surgeon Peter Newen, MD, indicate that every medical surgery whether it is a major or minor operation, carries some true and possible risk of complexity, and the liposuction surgeryis even not an exception.

Dr. Newen further points out that, Liposuction comes under the category of safest aesthetic surgical operation, and in the year 2015, board-certified plastic surgeons performed the surgery on more than two lakh people. The number of people treated by non-plastic surgeons is not part of the figure. Even the complications arising out of these surgeries were not in high numbers. The New England Journal of Medicine in the year 1999 conducted a study for three years based on cosmetic surgeries carried out in New York. The conclusion derived from the research stated that there was no case of death reported due to fat embolism.

Yet, Dr. Newen stresses on the pointing out few facts. He states that, in thepurview of the high number of surgeries performed for liposuction and the very low chance of risk happening due to fat embolism complications, the medical practitioners need to continue monitoring the patients after the liposuction surgery is carried on, but not overdo the risk of this complication among the rest of other complication that might occur after surgical operations. He quotes that,"I recommend that patients perform their due diligence in examining the training and board certification of their surgeons as well as their safety track record. We cannot avoid all risks in surgery but with appropriate preparations, we can minimize the risk of surgical complications especially of the serious complications."

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