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Cosmetic Gynecology Procedure is Popular to Women in UAE

More women seek vaginal tightening surgeries because of the natural aging process and giving birth nowadays.

Due to an increase in the popularity of the gynecology procedures, many women seek treatments in UAE. A Health Shield gynecology specialist named Dr. Aisha Al Mukhtar said that two of the most popular procedures in her clinic are G-spot enhancements and vaginal tightening.

An interview of the Khaleej Times to Dr. Aisha Al Mukhtar stated that the exact numbers of women who are getting vaginal tightening procedures are yet to be determined. However, in a space of a month, there is an average of four to five women who perform these procedures in many clinics. There is also an average of 40 – 50 vaginal tightening sessions per month.

Most of the women said that they undergo vaginal tightening sessions because they want a better sexual life.

Dr. Aisha explains that if a woman has a problem reaching orgasms when she has sex, then the recommended treatment is a G-spot enhancement. This is done through the injection of a filler into the area where the G-spot is located. G-spot enhancement can easily increase women's pleasure. The enhancement can make the G-spot project lower into the vagina.

Before doing any procedures, a thorough interview is conducted about the patient's medical history. The patient is then asked the reason why she wants to undergo G-spot enhancement or vaginal tightening. She is also asked if she has expectations after the procedure is done.

Before the day of the surgery, a pregnancy test and pap smears are done. The patient's decision about how many children she wants in the future, or if she wants any children at all is taken into consideration. The laser vaginal rejuvenation (LVR) or surgical vaginoplasty needs a thorough clinical examination a day before the procedure is done.

Childbirth and natural aging process are not the only reasons why women want to undergo gynecological procedures. Bowel movement issues and the need to control urinary incontinence are some of the factors why women want to undergo surgery.

Dr. Aisha added that vaginal widening is one of the factors that contribute to the loss of the pleasure sensation during sex. Vaginal tightening requires hospitalization for a few days. A dose of anesthesia is also needed. Deep sutures are used to tighten the walls of the vagina and to repair any damaged muscles in the walls.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation takes about 15 minutes to do. There is no anesthesia injected into the patient since this is considered as an in-office procedure. In-office procedures are minor surgeries that are quick and done in an efficient manner. LVR usually takes about three to four sessions before achieving the intended outcome. There is a space of a few weeks in between sessions so that the muscles will have the chance to recover.

Dr. Aisha says that the most popular procedure performed worldwide is the reduction of the labia minora.

Other reasons why women undergo gynecological surgeries include sports interference and discomfort in clothing.

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