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Dr. Oz Is Catching Heat for His Controversial Opinion on Fillers :

Usually hearing a news about the pregnancy of a celebrity brings a lot of excitement. Then the countdown to the delivery also starts. However, the news of first pregnancy of Kylie Jenner revolved around one query- now she's pregnant will she be able to use the lip injections?

A caller happened to ask the question whether Jenner would be able to continue using the lip injections while being pregnant on the Watch What Happens Live episode on Tuesday night. To this Dr. Mehmet Oz answered, it was fine for her to get injections on her mouth. From there it would not spread and she would not face any problem because of it.

Then host Andy Cohen wanted to know whether it is safe for the women who are expecting to take the facial injections. To this the answer of Dr. Oz was it would be fine and it would not cause any kind of a problem. Then he opined that focusing on the baby would be better and the face at such a point in the career. Further he suggested that instead Kylie Jenner should rely on cherub like glow that comes naturally to any pregnant lady. Adding more Dr. Oz said that he did not believe that these fillers would cause any kind of harm to the child, then said that these kinds of things were supposed to be inert. However, other experts do not agree to such a theory of letting things take their own course.

West Palm Beach, FL, Kenneth Beer, MD opines that he does not see any point in risking an injection in the mouth during pregnancy. Further adding he said that the immune system in the humans is a little suppressed at the time pregnancy, it would be better not to risk an injection at such a time.

Dr. Beer then says that though the components like Hyaluronic Acid found in the injection are safe he didn't find it comfortable to inject one to a patient who was pregnant. In many living things Hyaluronic Acid is present in different parts of the body hence it is not a big deal. However when someone gets nervous when being injected the blood pressure may rise. So this did not make any sense to him.

While Dr. Beer has no belief in the fact that injections can pose a huge risk at the time of pregnancy- he further adds that till date there is no problem found in being injected during pregnancy- but he warns that there is a tiny theoretical risk and that he would rather wait till the patient is not pregnant. More than 4,000,000 women are injected every year, and he is ready to bet that among these a significant number of these would be pregnant and may not know about it at that time or would not wish to tell it to the doctor. To play safe Dr. Beer gives a suggestion that it would be better to wait until your delivery and still if you must have an injection for your lips it would be comparatively safe to take one in the second or the third trimester than the first trimester.

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