Maximizing Your DAA Business :

"What better way to make a patient's life easier than introducing them to a DAA?"

There is no denying that traditional pharmacies nowadays are experiencing a decline in revenue streams. As such, these community pharmacies need to adopt other revenue channels, like the professional services initiatives which were funded under the 6CPA. DAAs or Dose Administration Aids has remained to be one of the most heavily funded programs of 6CPA.

What is a DAA?

For pharmacists who take pride on their delivery of medication and professional advice, DAA is simply one of the best ways to make a patient's life easier. DAAs are designed to assist consumers in the community towards better management of their medications to avoid medication mistakes and at the same time improve medication compliance.

Contrary to a common misconception that DAAs are only suitable for the elderly, these products are actually ideal for every individual with a busy schedule.

However, based on remuneration reports from 6CPA, DAA services in various community pharmacies have remained unpopular and under-utilized. Yet, there is still a huge potential for pharmacies to render the service to patients with five or more prescription medicines.

Unfortunately, some pharmacies may think that they can no longer grow their customer base, and it certainly is a wrong assumption.

Below are some tips to consider which may help community pharmacies increase their DAA business:

  • Planning
    To grow your DAA, planning is indispensable. Make sure to conduct a review on your store's current resources. Developing and following a workflow from start to finish is a great way for you to identify each step involved, to determine the problem areas and to eliminate the unnecessary steps.
  • Proper Staff Training
    Make sure that the staffs in your store are trained properly when it comes to packing and managing the scripts that are required for every customer, including any necessary follow-ups advised by their doctor. The key points to consider include the checking of DAAs and the time it is done. It is recommended that a specific day and time will be allocated for the completion of this task to reduce errors, improve overall time spent for checking and minimize disruptions.
  • Motivate your staff
    The staffs in your store play a major role for the growth of your DAA business. Hence, choosing the right staffs for the job will help promote your business' success. Don't forget the importance of motivating your staffs. Ensure that all the members of your staff thoroughly understand the features and the benefits of DAA services.
  • Acknowledge your customers' needs
    To maximize the potential of your DAA business, you need to acknowledge the unique needs of your customers. Identifying the different needs of your customers will help them get the most out of the benefits of DAA and provide them better health solutions. This in turn should help the customers understand the true value of DAA and help enhance their medication management.


Growing your DAA business means you will also gain more from the government funding under 6CPA. Follow the tips mentioned above and set some monthly targets to expand your DAA business. You will not only grow your revenue but at the same time help your customers improve their medication management and overall health results.

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