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Mental Health Therapy Patented

The researchers at Deerfield, IL due to the increase in confidence and also a second patent have not only developed but are also applying a combination therapy that will hold promise for millions of Americans that are suffering from mental depression. This combination therapy is intended to be resistant to conventional care.

The combining of the two accepted treatments by innovators Steve Best, M.D., the director of Neuroscience Centre, Deerfield, IL, they have discovered a therapeutic method that will benefit even long-troubled patients who are suffering from conditions ranging from suicidal inclinations to substance abuse and also chronic neuropathic pain. Pain patients through the use of combined therapy have been able to discontinue or dramatically reduce opioid use.

One of the innovators, Dr. Steve Best is also a Medical Director at the Abbot House in Highland Park, IL; he is also a member of the board of directors of the cook County North Suburban affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, has received during the first week of April 2017, word of the second patent award.

The second patent that was granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office has added more validation for the combination therapy that Dr. Best and his team are applying when they assist patients that are suffering from mental depression. Some of these patients who suffer from mental depression may also be troubled by chronic pain.

As he is subspecialty-trained in Neuropsychiatry, Dr. Best believes that there is a link between emotional and chronic pain and this can be addressed successfully with the use of the medically accepted combined therapies. Dr. Best’s insight is derived from discovering a synergistic effect from the combination of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and ketamine.

The Neuroscience Centre has said that the combination therapy can be performed in the outpatient setting as it does not need general anesthesia and it also doesn’t affect a patient’s memory. This patented method has been deemed to be reliably efficient for treating depression and chronic pain even for patients that are unable to find relief from other conventional therapies and also even with cases of substance abuse.

The Neuroscience Centre along with Dr. Best have discovered that during their six years of study, almost 90% of the patients were able to reach some level of remission. Which means patients were able to go back to work and effectively be off the disability roll. Broken relationships, marriages, families were repaired and the patients could resume their lives and Dr. Best confirms that these results have lasted up to 6 years.

With the success of the combination therapy and the population of Americans with depression and chronic pain who aren’t succeeding with conventional therapies, it begs the question as to why the combined therapy has not be spread wider?

Dr. Best, responded to this by stating that medical science is not only careful but it is costly and one small pilot study that only examines two forms of combination can amount to one million dollars. Which means that the more study patients they use the more costly it will be. They hope that with the increase in confidence and patents the combined therapy will soon be widespread. Dr. Best and his team of researchers are heartened by the increased interest in their work which has led to other joint ventures with other U.S. and Brazilian university groups to engage in complementary research. Dr. Best believes that the time will come when this combined therapy will be used proactively and commonly in complicated cases in order to prevent several treatment failures and this will subsequently improve the lives of millions.

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