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New hospital to rewrite rules of psychiatric care

Indiana Neuro Diagnostic Institute will be the new psychiatric hospital in more than 50 years to be built in the Community Hospital East campus. It would replace the Larue D. Carter Memorial Hospital, on the Cold Spring Road, that has been decided to be rendered non-operational. In the 1970s and 80s, a number of mental healthcare institutions were closed down which included 13 in Indiana. In the older approach to mental health care, the patients were confined to a location far away from the general public for a longer duration, but with the development of this new health care institute, a better and more lenient approach would be used to deal with the patients with mental ailments.

As per a report by the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, the deinstitutionalization compelled the patients to resort to expensive mental health care services, including prisons which was not much effective in showing any kind of visible transformation in the development of mental health. The study reported one in every 5 prisoners being under the clutches of mental illness, degrading Indiana's ranking to 44th among 50 states in the list of ease of access to effective mental health care services.

The 2015 report stated that the patients with chronic mental illness and relapsing chemical dependency had to be shifted to nursing homes, emergency departments and general health care centers, some of them becoming homeless and ending up in Indiana jails. The FSSA expressed its desire to tackle this problem through renewed efforts and techniques.

This $120 million project has been declared in 2015 after which incessant efforts have been put in improving it by the involvement of architects, engineers, and designers. The concerned officials have revealed the blueprints highlighting its design, during an interview with IBJ.

The new hospital would make up for the shortcomings in the existing scenario of current mental health care facilities. It shall stand out among the existing mental health care hospitals in the state owing to its unique design and treatment methods, serving as a prime facility for doctors to provide treatment for the patients suffering from various types of mental ailments. There would be an availability of a wide range of equipment that includes brain imaging and psychological tests. This would ensure faster recovery as well as sooner discharge of the patients. The faster discharge would ensure the treatment of around 1500 patients per year which is much more than that of Larue Carter.

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