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Patient Engagement and Experience Summit:

Many in the health care sector have had to pay up for a patient-centered healthcare as many have sought the move to better value and results, handling a patient’s wellness over controlling illnesses, and making patients more active in how to proceed with their treatment. Several hospitals and their systems are just better than other hospitals, with many working with large strides to make it better than before. Plus, there are various ways and innovative tools in getting the patient’s participation perfected. This will be the hot topics of discussion at this year’s Patient Engagement and Experience Summit.

On March 5, at Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, healthcare experts from clinicians to patient advocates to doctors in professorship will meet to share their stories and secrets for getting patients active and more aware of their own healthcare. Speakers will look towards their own experience in making sure hospitals deliver with successful practices and care settings that is responsive and responsible to every single need. At this time, engagement, coordination, and experience is needed for successful health care when it comes handling chronic illnesses, following medication guidelines, and cuts in hospital readmissions.

The summit, presented by HIMSS and the Cleveland Clinic, will also bring in health providers, politicians, advocates, and others for expertise on the growing technology and plans that help us. Listed speakers include Adrienne Boissy, CEO at Cleveland Clinic Health System, Pracha Eamranond, Senior VPof medicalaffairs at Harvard Medical School's Lawrence General Hospital, Larry Chu, professor of anesthesiology and pain medication at Stanford, David Asche, executive director of Penn University’s Medicine's Center for Health Care Innovation, and Donald Kosiak, CMO at Leidos.

Topics will include decision-making, incentivizing changes, telephoned healthcare, social statistics, and case studies regarding real-world perspective on the value of patient engagement and experience. One case study will involve the Mercy Health Network and how their data platform helped get a multi-part plan into work in an effort to improve patient engagement, leading to lower readmission rates overall. A second case study involve new bedside technology for digital ordering of meals, health education, and adjustable lighting in the room. The third case involves mobile apps that cuts down the rate of underserved patients with collective information to improve treatment along with health resources, appointment reminders, and other necessary tools.

To purpose of this summit to name the challenges and obstacles in various health care matters and recommend plans to overcome them. They will be talked about from doctor and patient points of view. The keynote speaker, patient engagement professional Jan Oldenburg, will talk about her HIMSS book, Participatory Healthcare: A Person-Centered Approach to Healthcare Transformation.In it, she promotes ways to improve the patient-centered healthcare plan, citing the growth of online business with banks and shops, and she believes it can be done with health care. The summit is meant to improve health care companies across the country and share what they think will do the sector the best.

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