The Most Common Reasons Why You Experience Pain When Having Sex :

Regardless of your age, sex sometimes can hurt.

This can be with anyone, whether you are doing it with a newfound fling or with a long-term partner. It can also be scary if it's your first time.

Many people do not talk about sex since it is a taboo subject. This also means that they are suffering in silence.

Here are some of the reasons why sex can hurt. If you have doubts and worries about your condition, talk to a doctor.

Why Sex Hurts in Women

There are a lot of explanation and medical reasons why women experience pain during intercourse. This might be for the following reasons:


Some of the common infections that women experience are:

  • Thrush – This is a yeast infection and it's extremely uncomfortable. Even if this is not considered as an STI, you should still get medical help.
  • Chlamydia – This is a sexually transmitted infection and its symptoms do not usually show up. However, people might experience unusual discharge and pain.
  • Genital Herpes – This sexually transmitted infection can make you feel a burning sensation inside your genitals. There are also blisters and itchiness.
  • Gonorrhea – This is caused by The Clap bacteria and it is considered a sexually transmitted infection.


The menopausal stage can be extremely painful because the vagina dries up with age. This is because of a decreased amount of estrogen in the body. Women do not experience periods anymore and this happens at around 45 – 55 years.

They can combat the dryness with lubricants and make sure that they are aroused before the intercourse.


This is a rare occurrence when the vagina suddenly tightens up before the penetration. This can be an automatic reaction and it can even make sex next to impossible. This is more of a psychological issue. With the help of right exercise, and facing the fear of penetration, this can be cured.

Why Sex Can Hurt a Man

Infections – Thrush – Men can also experience yeast and fungal infection. This is not an STI but it can be extremely uncomfortable

  • Herpes – Men an experience blisters around their genitals. This can cause a burning sensation and it is very itchy.
  • Trichomoniasis – This is caused by a parasite called Trichomonas vaginalis. This can be caused by intercourse with multiple women who have STIs.
  • Foreskin Tightness – In some instances, men can experience pain while penetrating due to the foreskin. This can be a serious problem and many men undergo surgeries to correct this
  • Tears on Foreskins – This might not be visible but men this can make the affected area sting and very sore.
  • Inflamed Prostate Glands – This is commonly experienced by men aged 30 – 50. They might experience chronic or acute types of pain.
  • Swelling and Testicle Pain – This can be because of being sexually aroused but not able to ejaculate. This is, however, one of the signs of infection.
  • Sexual pain is not limited to the described reasons above. Each problem is unique. You have to check with your local practitioner and see what the available treatments for you are.

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