Save Yourself From Complication Arising Out Of Mishandled Surgery Overseas :

Time and again women have been attracted to getting their figures resurrected by means of surgeries, and for this, they don't mind even traveling to overseas. The word "cosmetic tourism" is linked to this kind of traveling. The rise in the number of unsuccessful plastic surgeries performed by unqualified doctors conducted overseas has led to the death of many women. However, Dr. Ash Mosahebi of London, a plastic surgeonand professor points at another angle of the surgery, which leads to patients losing their nipple as a result of, bungle breast operations in foreign destinations.

As per a report in DailyMail, based on a research conducted by Dr.Mosahebi and his team, presented at British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) meeting, reveals the types of injuries inflicted upon people by foreign clinics, mainly based in Turkey, Czech Republic and Lithuania, which lead to lifelong deformity in the breasts of people. Dr. Mosahebi further points out that, women undergoing surgery of their breasts often lose their nipple due to poor surgical planning. As theimproper movement of nipple leads to less blood flow causing infection and black nipples.

The research even analyzed the result of breast surgeries performed overseas on women aged between 25 to 60 years. The analysis by Dr. Mosahebi revealed that few patients who underwent breast implant surgery ended up developing infection or sepsis, which ultimately resulted in their death, and few have to undertake further skin grafting for therestoration of the damage done.

There are also insights from two of the renowned plastic surgeons regarding the subject, Dr.Peter Newen,and Dr. Michael Horn. Dr. Newen states there might be thepossibility of one in ten women suffering from loss of nipples due to surgery. He elaborates that although the condition might be rare, it can happen. The process of breast augmentation includes placing of foreign material in the women's body which can lead to thegrowth of bacteria and infection. If infection happens and allowed to grow, then it leads to thedeath of tissue, and because overseas surgeon conducts the surgery via the areola approach, the infection can further turn into necrosis of the nipple area. However, the doctor himself adopts a different method for correction of the issue. He focuses both on scar distortion and capsular structure of breast implant because the method is common and feasible due to thesanitary and technical approachto the operation.

Dr. Horn is of the opinion that a surgery gone wrong happens due to poor training and improper facilities. He further adds that in United States doctors have to undertake training along with board certification, before undertaking surgery of such intensity. Moreover, he points that the operation theatres available overseas don't meet the standard followed in the United States. This is the reason why there are high chances of infection and poor results from cheap surgeries conducted overseas.

The procedure for plastic surgery is a complex thing and requires ahigh level of expertise, opting for a cheaper procedure can land you in deep trouble at a foreign location. Dr.Newen further warns that opting for a cheap surgery in a foreign location with no support and possible complication can lead to death, so patients need to beware before zeroing on the option.

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