Serious Liposuction Complications:

A Unusual But Serious Liposuction Complication Has Been Brought Into the Limelight

Scary information out of the UK is reporting that a 45-year-old woman recently had a Incredibly serious complication-to the tune of respiratory breakdown-after undergoing liposuction.

In accordance to the BBC, the lady had fat globules enter the lungs after the surgery; while she did recover, the BMJ issued a report to shed some light on the rare threat, which exists in higher-risk patients. (The woman was morbidly obese and had undergone a gastric bypass.)

So how common is the issue? As a prominent plastic surgeon, points out, every surgical procedure of any significance entails a real and possible risk of complications and liposuction is no exception.

"Liposuction, however, is one of the safest artistic surgical procedures. In 2015, over 200 thousand liposuction procedures were performed by license plastic surgeons; that amount doesn't include the procedures done by non-plastic surgeons," he says. "The amount of complications that occurred from these liposuction procedures is fairly low. According to a New England Journal of Medicine in 1999, in a three years study of problems from cosmetic procedures performed in New York, no patient death were linked with fat embolism."

Doctors stress that, in sight of the high number of liposuction procedures performed and the very rare risk of this fat embolism complications, doctors should continue to be vigilant about monitor the patients following any surgical procedures but not exaggerate the risk of this complication among all other problems that can occur following surgical procedures. "I recommend that patients perform their due diligence in examining the training and board certification of their surgeons as well as their safety track record. We cannot avoid all risks in surgery but with appropriate preparations, we can minimize the risk of surgical problems especially of the serious complications."

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