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Transgenderism To Stand Out

In this day and age it is not surprising that children today are so confused about their sexuality to such an extent that many of them are willing to attempt transgenderism just to be “different” amongst their age mates. This was an observation that was made by Dr. Stephen Stathis as a psychiatrist who runs a gender clinic.

When Dr. Stathis spoke to the Courier Mail he discussed on how girls who have experienced some form of sexual abuse in their past may consider transgenderism under the misguided conception that this change will save them from the abusers. These girls are under the belief that if they had been male they would not have been abused.

Recently at the new statewide gender service provided at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, the staff met 180 children who had gender issues. Regardless of the number of children they met only a minority of them were diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Dysphoria, is the continuous feeling of identifying with the opposite sex or a feeling of discomfort with one’s own gender.

Stathis further added that kids generally will identify with their birth gender once they reach puberty. Whilst other’s often say to Dr. Stephen that they would like to be transgender because it’s the new black. This is not healthy for these children as some of them have hindered their puberty by taking irreversible hormone treatments that will cause harm to themselves in the end.

Dr. Stephen Stathis discussed the extremes he has observed in transgender children like genital mutilation. Some of the children have gone so far as to try and cut off their penises. Due to these feelings these children are so disgusted by the thought of touching their genitals to such an extent that they won’t touch or wash their genitals which could lead to an infection.

A transgender kid who made headlines in recent news is Avery Jackson. Avery Jackson is a 9 year old, who is the first transgender child to be on the cover of National Geographic. People have come to see Avery Jackson as a trailblazer for gender identity as she is a girl who was once a boy until 2012. During the interview with USA today, Avery Jackson insisted to USA Today that all she wants is to be is herself and that she just a girl. Avery Jackson further said that she was just putting herself out there so that people will be know that I am transgender and proud and they will take the time to learn more about transgender issues.

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