What You Want To Know About Nelson Ridge Family Dental :

If you are based in New Lenox, Illinois, then the chances are you must have heard about the Nelson Ridge Family Dental at some time or the other. This is a comprehensive dental care office that provides services ranging from emergency and family to cosmetic dentistry. Whatever be the dental issue you need fixed, orthodontics or dental implants, Nelson Ridge Family Dental is here to help you out.

They have been in practice since April 2012, and have been slowly but surely changing the way people perceive dentist visits. It is a well-known fact that most people, especially kids, hate dentist visits. This is more due to the fear of what the dentist might do rather than the person itself. This is where Dr. Kathy Pycinska, who joined this dentistry office since September 2015, has been able to bring about a big difference. She has across the years proved that quality care when provided with compassion and uncompromising on honesty can help create a great amount of trust in dentists. Families are learning to trust dentists rather than avoiding them due to the exceptionally innovative approaches that have been employed in dentistry by Dr. Kathy Pycinska.

About Dr. Kathy Pycinska

Dr. Kathy Pycinska is one of those doctors, who have always been passionate about being one. She knew that she wanted to be a dentist, when she was quite young and pursued it ferociously. She says with conviction that she has never pursued any other profession, nor had any backup plans; such was her dedication towards being a dentist.

She understands that getting people to trust is by far the biggest challenge that dentists face. People just don't feel comfortable with a dentist, she says and this is what she has set out to change and succeeded as well. She feels extremely satisfied when she is able to help patients out by alleviating their pain and discomfort. Rather, putting smiles back on the faces of her customers is what keeps her going.

Her practice is different because they go all out to make sure that the patients feel heard and appreciated; in other words, they make extra efforts to get to know the patients, so that they feel comfortable and welcome rather than fearful. Dr. Kathy Pycinska believes that the best piece of advice that she has received is 'Do not get in your own way' from a Dental school professor. She believes that it is extremely important for people to not let fear of failure come in the way of success.

Future Plans

Dr. Kathy Pycinska and Dr. Etchison, both from the Nelson Ridge Family Dental are attending continuing education courses on a regular basis. This is part of their commitment to their patients to ensure that they are always up to date with what's happening and can provide the best in care to the patients. Those who wish to know about the practice can choose to follow them on Facebook for regular updates or read their reviews on Yelp.

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