A chiropractor is bringing something new to big blue:

Erica Peabody is bringing something new to residents of Adelaide. It is no longer a secret that the owner of the Café of Life Chiropractic Center is deciding to expand her reach.

She recently announced that due to the share number of growing pains, she needs a much bigger facility. The facility in question is the Rockwell Assisted Living facility.

Speaking on her Facebook page, Peabody said the body would be given a whole new look, and ultimately change it into a health and wellness center. She plans on putting her chiropractic practice on the first floor, while other health and wellness practices will be on the second floor. She plans on renting the third floor for residential purposes.

"I have always had the dream to by a Victorian home, and help push my Chiropractic reach. I didn't think I will be able to get my dream home, but I am happy to get my dream home," she said.

Yoga and gym-type exercise businesses will also be part of what will be on offer. Work is already in place to put the building in shape. Peabody expects renovations to take place earnestly.

The facility in question served as an accommodation, to a couple of residents. Peabody gave prior notice to residents after acquiring the building and had given them 45 days to find another accommodation.

" I have empathy for the residents," Peabody said. "That's the reason why I was a bit reserved about the entire process. I don't want everyone to think I am taking things o'er the top. Hence why I gave them prior notice, and an adequate amount of time to relocate.

"We are in no rush, and we've actually been patient the whole time. We understand the residents need time to relocate and we are giving them time to relocate. I won't lie. I am excited about getting the place, but I have to respect the persons there" she said.

The move by Peabody shows that Chiropractic practice is gaining a foothold on a local and global scale. Chiropractors look at the entire body and not just a single part when they are identifying a problem. When it comes to your body pain, they take a complete view of your entire spine to identify the problem.


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