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Treatment plan for Depression

When physician Elliot Rubin a new and unknown method at his paediatrics practice in East Brunswick and Highland Park – His aim and goal was to ensure that he could measure his patients aged 11 years and older susceptibility to depression. As a result, he could develop a treatment plan for depression as part of their routine physical wellness sessions. He achieved all this, by asking them to fill out his well-crafted questionnaire. Read More about Treatment plan for Depression

Loneliness and Depression

As a new mother, one is prone to feelings of loneliness and depression. Some new mothers even struggle to get out of bed, finding it hard to care for their new-borns who desperately need the attention and affections of their mothers. A lot of mothers feeling this way also find that they do not have the support they need to recover and heal. As a result, their new-borns feel the pinch of their mother’s mental illness. Read More about Loneliness and Depression

Mood disorders, Anxiety and Addictions

In India only one in 20 people get treated for mood disorders, anxiety and addictions as was published in a study of almost 25,000 by the Indian Journal of Psychiatry. This study tracked the wide spread and treatment of anxiety, substance abuse and also mood disorders in 24,371 people who were aged above 18 years across 11 sites in India. This study was completed by mental experts who are from some of the major hospitals in India that include A11MS Delhi, PGIMER Chandigarh, AFMS Pune, JIPMER Puducherry, and NIMHANS and Bengaluru, amongst many others. Read More about Mood disorders, Anxiety and Addictions

Ayahuasca is a Hallucinogenic Mixture

Although it tastes foul and is known for making people vomit, ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic mixture that many South Americans have drank for centuries in their religious rituals. Ayahuasca has also been known to help people that are suffering from depression and are resistant to antidepressants. Read More about Ayahuasca is a Hallucinogenic Mixture

Cancer survivor, Bruce Feiler

Scanxiety can be defined as the fear and worry that is associated with imaging, that happens before and after a test is done. Scanxiety tends to last until the patients is made aware of the results. Cancer survivor, Bruce Feiler said in a Time magazine column; that scans were like revolving doors, an emotional roulette wheel that spins us around for a couple of days and then spits us out on the other side. If you land on red then you are bound for another Cancerland trip and if you land on black you will have a bit more freedom. Read More about Cancer survivor

Funto Owolabi, a psychiatrist in Ibadan

Funto Owolabi, a psychiatrist in Ibadan advised for parents to take the time to pay more attention to not only their children’s physical well-being but also their mental health. Funto Owolabi, who is a Resident Doctor at the Akintola University of Technology Teaching Hospital (LAUTECH) Ogbomoso gave this advice at an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). Doctor Owolabi believes that the mental health of a child just like the physical health is of vital importance as it determines your child’s behavior and actions throughout their individual journeys of life. Doctor Owolabi is further of the opinion that as a parent can take preventative measures to prevent their children from getting sick, a parent can also play a role in preventing the development of mental health problem in their children. Read More about Funto Owolabi, a psychiatrist in Ibadan

Dr. Stephen Stathis as a psychiatrist

In this day and age it is not surprising that children today are so confused about their sexuality to such an extent that many of them are willing to attempt transgenderism just to be “different” amongst their age mates. This was an observation that was made by Dr. Stephen Stathis as a psychiatrist who runs a gender clinic. Read more about Dr. Stephen Stathis as a psychiatrist

Researchers at Deerfield, IL

The researchers at Deerfield, IL due to the increase in confidence and also a second patent have not only developed but are also applying a combination therapy that will hold promise for millions of Americans that are suffering from mental depression. This combination therapy is intended to be resistant to conventional care. Read More about Researchers at Deerfield

Endometriosis pain often occurs in some women

Endometriosis pain often occurs in some women of reproductive age, and Ms. Tara Alonzo was another of its victims. Like most endometriosis patients, Tara Alonzo started suffering from endometriosis pain since her first period. Read more about Endometriosis pain